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I've added a new page with some of my poems on the KIN website.

"Somewhere Town, our new CD of all original music is officially released. Available at CD Baby, Amazon and Spotify.
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Meet the band....
Mitch is married to Mike's sister.
Andy is their nephew.
Hannah is Mitch's daughter.
Becky is Mike's cousin
Jeff Ketner insists he's related to someone in the family but has always been a little vague on the details.

Mike, Mitch and Andy have played music together for most of their collective lives. Whether jamming at family gatherings or in various groups, they have a musical chemistry born of their tribal relationship and keen ear for collaboration. Other relatives and friends have joined in the music making over the years and will do so in the future as the younger ones join in.

Mitch writes the songs and along with Mike and Andy use their unique skills to arrange the basic song into a finished piece. A truly cooperative venture and adventure. Mike Mckenzie
Mike started playing drums and singing in high school, where he met his future brother-in-law and KIN band mate, Mitch L'Herault. After high school, Mike left Rhinelander to form the Rose Canyon Band. The RCB enjoyed regional success and put out an album of original material in the early 80's. RCB shared the stage with Pure Prairie League (with Vince Gill), Charlie Daniels Band, Vassar Clemens, and many more. Andy Mckenzie
Andy McKenzie has played and/or recorded with several ensembles all over Wisconsin. In addition to playing several instruments, he's passionate about all aspects of producing good sound, in both live and studio settings. Mitch L'Herault
Mitch was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. Music was always an important part of all family gatherings as he was growing up. He's been writing songs since the 7th grade and has played in more bands then he can remember. Special guest musicians
Hannah Mckenzie L'Herault
Besides being Mitch's daughter and a frequent contributor to KIN with her great fiddle playing, she has won numerous awards and fiddle championships. She has played with some of the premier bands in Wisconsin. Her playing is always in high demand, especially by her dad.

Jeff Ketner
Has been a staple around the Madison music scene for decades. He's an accomplished musician on numerous instruments not the least of which is his solid singing voice.
Jeff has played with Universal Sound, Doc DeHavon, Cliff Fredrickson, The Cartunes and is currently sitting in with KIN and working with his new group Bigfoot Authority. Jeff is a musicians musician and a solid performer, whether he's shredding his strat, thumping his bass, wailing on his tubs or tripping the light fantastic in his tap shoes. Uh...... I made up that last part about tap dancing. Jeff adds a real punch to KIN's music and it's a real blast to have him playing with us.

Cover Art and Photography
Becky Mckenzie Photography
Madison, WI

  Somewhere Town