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I've added a new page with some of my poems on the KIN website.

"Somewhere Town, our new CD of all original music is officially released. Available at CD Baby, Amazon and Spotify.
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All the mayflies drop and dry now.
Lighter than the water they become
Feathery petrified skeletons, tasteless

Like time and the neglect of a graveyard.
Where no one in Neptune's lost army
Will hurry to eat their blurry souls.


Midwest Nocturne

She whispered, under the rain
"Whose wind chimes are those?"

Out by the goatsbeard where
the last of the snow retreats

I whispered, "sounds oriental"
Kabuki on a transistor radio

"Why did the Buddha lose his head?"
"Probably the long winter, honey."

"It's so quiet tonight, not a breath"
I wrapped my arm close around her.


Two Island Lake

The light danced
across the lake.
Reflections blurred
from a wisp of wind.

The urge to reach
around and grab
my glass or the
sweet cheroot,

or just watch the
water focus
the pearled star
of Andromeda's hand.


Where is my harmonica?

I always try to break some thing when I play guitar;
a pick, a string, a feeling or the asshole at the bar.
Some dirty nasty cigarette picked up off of the floor,
cheap overhead and gratis drinks I never could ignore.


St. Mary's

The beep and whir of
sputtering medicines
manic desire to please
while admitting defeat.

Hushed sadness incandescent
along florescent hallways
scuffed by wheels and
shuffling Sunday souls.

In the basement,
people take coffee as
the laundry chutes fill
with borrowed shrouds.

The young won't imagine
this sorry antiseptic end
to this whispered finale,
their neglected parade.

  Somewhere Town